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Refrigerator Evaporator Fan Motor 5Cf556
# 495A16005

Refrigerator Evaporator Fan Motor 5Cf556

91 USD

Evaporator fan motor DA31-00146J is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) part that fits Samsung side-by-side refrigerator models RH25H5611BC/AA-0000, RH25H5611BC/AA-0001, RH25H5611SR/AA-0000, RH25H5611SR/AA-0001, RH25H5611WW/AA-0000, RH25H5611WW/AA-0001, RS25H5111BC/AA-0000, RS25H5111BC/AA-0001, RS25H5111SG/AA-0000, RS25H5111SR/AA-0000, RS25H5111SR/AA-0001, RS25H5111WW/AA-0000, RS25H5111WW/AA-0001, RS25H5121BC/AA-0000, RS25H5121SR/AA-0000, RS25H5121SR/AA-0001 and RS25H5121WW/AA-0000.It also fits Samsung side-by-side refrigerator models RS263TDBP/XAA-0001, RS263TDPN/XAA, RS263TDRS/XAA, RS263TDWP/XAA, RS265TDBP/XAA-0000, RS265TDBP/XAA-0001, RS265TDBP/XAA-0002, RS265TDPN/XAA, RS265TDRS/XAA-0001, RS265TDRS/XAA-0002, RS265TDRS/XAA-0003, RS265TDRS/XAA-IN01, RS265TDWP/XAA, RS267TDBP/XAA-0000, RS267TDPN/XAA-0000, RS267TDRS/XAA-0000, RS267TDRS/XAA-0001, RS267TDRS/XAA-0002, RS267TDRS/XAA-0003 and RS267TDWP/XAA-0000.Evaporator fan motor DA31-00146J circulates air through the fresh food compartment for efficient cooling.This evaporator fan motor doesn't include the fan blade.The evaporator fan motor is rated at 2.8-watts, 0.23-amps, 12-volts DC and spins at 1,920 RPM.

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