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Power Wizard Ff-1, Combined Voltmeter Current Meter 2E2C39
# Ca1823430

Power Wizard Ff-1, Combined Voltmeter Current Meter 2E2C39

69 USD

Power Wizard, FF-1, Combined Voltmeter & Current Meter for Electric Fence Faults Combined Voltmeter & Current Meter for Electric Fence Faults Features: Large LCD displays fence voltage reading or current reading Use fault finder functions with any brand of pulse energizer Cordless design - no ground probe required Impact and water-resistant case with integrated belt clip Low battery warning system 1 year limited warranty How do you use the reading to find a fault on the fence? 2 Types of Fence Configurations Type 1: Fence does not loop back to the Energizer - When using the Fault Finder in a non-looping fence (See example A or B), the current arrow direction is not needed to determine the location of the fault, and can be ignored

Type 2: Fence loops back to the Energizer — When using the Fault Finder with a fence that loops back to the Energizer (See example C), the current arrows are used to determine the location of the fault

If you have a fence with one or more major faults, as you test along the fence there will be excess amounts of current on the fence

As you pass the point of the fault, the current will rapidly drop.

In normal conditions, as you test along a fence with no loops or faults, the fence current will decrease the farther you are from the Energizer (See example A)

92 100