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Open Car Side Curtain Set - Ford Roadster - Black 1Df42D
# 315224819

Open Car Side Curtain Set - Ford Roadster - Black 1Df42D

551 USD

These US made side curtain sets for your vintage Ford include:

All side curtains are neatly bound and all fasteners that affix to the side curtains are included, but not installed

Complete instructions are included

They are available as fastener sets or as individual pieces.

Window Information: All side curtain windows are sewn-in clear vinyl

Car body, top frame, and windshield fasteners are not included

All sample cards are identified by number

They are described below

When requesting sample cards, always include the year and body style of your classic Ford.

Material and color choices and sample cards:

There are 4 color choices for side curtain kits

They are sized and positioned like the originals.

Sample Cards: It is not practical or wise to order Antique Auto Upholstery for your Ford without examining the sample card or cards that display the material, pattern, and color choices for that particular body and year

Your top material and side curtain material should match.

Type #1A: tan/ tan durable canvas

Type #2A: black/ black durable canvas

Type #3B: colonial black vinyl

Type #4B: cobra short grain vinyl

Items Not Included:

Fasteners that affix to the body, top iron assembly, windshield & side curtain support rods are not included

Sample cards are free

85 100