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Classic Monogram Custom Whiskey Gift Set For Men 5Caf8C
# B5173602

Classic Monogram Custom Whiskey Gift Set For Men 5Caf8C

70 USD

If you’re having trouble finding the perfect gift for the man in your life, a gift set is a great idea because gift sets are more than just one thing, they have multiple items and uses

Maplewood box measures 11.25″ x 5.5″ x 4″, whiskey glass holds 10 oz, flask holds 6 oz

Personalized whiskey gift set for men is a great gift idea for any man who enjoys whiskey Set includes wooden gift box, whiskey glass, flask, and 9 piece set of whiskey stones Box and glass come engraved with a classic triple letter monogram Optional flask engraving to make a matching set Liquor not included Maplewood box measures 11.25″ x 5.5″ x 4″, whiskey glass holds 10 oz, flask holds 6 oz

This gift set for men really has it all, and is great for boyfriends, husbands, dads, grandpas, brothers, or any man in your life

This unique whiskey gift set for men has everything a whiskey lover needs: a simple but sophisticated wooden gift box that is engraved with a monogram of his name, a matching monogrammed whiskey glass, leather-bound flask that is optionally engravable, a set of 9 whiskey stones, and plenty of space for a sampler bottle or two of whiskey

The rocks glass will quickly become his new favorite to have a drink of bourbon from after a long day at work, and the chillable whiskey stones will make sure that his liquor is never watered down but still cool

The wooden gift box can be used to store anything from whiskey glasses to knicknacks and doubles as an attractive personalized piece of decor

Then, he can bring the flask with him to cookouts, vacation, or concerts so that he always has his favorite spirit with him

88 100