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Holiday Bounty Gift Basket To Majorca-Spain C72D83
# 0D1D24988

Holiday Bounty Gift Basket To Majorca-Spain C72D83

200 USD

- Salted Almonds 100 gr;- Pretzels 100 gr;- Snack Mix 150 gr; - Chocolate Wafers 100 gr;- Cookies 100 gr;- Crackers 100 gr;- Spicy Cheese 200 gr;- Peanuts 150 gr;- Sugary Cookies 150 gr;- Milk Chocolate Sweets 100 gr;- Ginger Cookies 100 gr;- Chocolate Wafers 100 gr;- Gourmet Wafers 100 gr;- Chocolate Bar 50 gr;- Mint Chocolate Bar 50 gr;- Basket;- Gift Wrapping;- Greeting Card.

84 100