Harvey victims' personal data leaked to FEMA contractor: watchdog
WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Federal Emergency Management Agency wrongly released to a contractor the personal information of 2.3 million survivors of devastating 2017 hurricanes and wildfires ...

Personal Data of 2 Million Disaster Victims Botched by FEMA
(Bloomberg) -- The Federal Emergency Management Agency improperly released the personal data of some 2.3 million survivors of hurricane and wildfire disasters to a contractor, the Department of ...

FEMA shared 2.3 million disaster survivors’ personal information with contractor
The Department of Homeland Security inspector general said on March 22, 2019, that the Federal Emergency Management Agency unlawfully shared the private information of 2.3 million hurricane and ...

FEMA exposed personal information of 2.3 million disaster victims
FEMA mistakenly exposed personal information, including addresses and bank account information, of 2.3 million disaster victims, the Department of Homeland Security's Office of Inspector General said ...

FEMA mistakenly shared personal data of 2.3 million natural disaster survivors
FEMA inadvertently exposed the private data of millions of natural disaster survivors, including their bank account information and addresses, the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Inspector ...

California wildfire victims had personal data compromised by FEMA
Millions of disaster victims - including thousands of those hit by California wildfires - had personally identifiable information compromised when they applied for housing relief with the Federal ...

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