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Lifelike Orca Whale Plush Toy 06996E
# 1E4E11260

Lifelike Orca Whale Plush Toy 06996E

51 USD

Beautiful markings and realistic details

W x 17 in

39 in

High quality construction

Black and white color

At more than three feet long, this and graceful and impressive soft plush orca will make a big splash and leap its way into your heart! With lifelike details and quality construction, the orca is sure to become a treasured companion to cuddle, as well as a striking addition to any room.

The distinctive orca whale is one of the most powerful and intelligent sea creatures

Made from soft polyester fabric

L x 16 in

Age: Three years and more

Makes a striking playtime companion or decorating accent

H (2.9 lbs.)

98 100