‘Cut the Wire,’ a Toy Bomb Game, Is Discontinued After Criticism
When it comes to feel-good, classic games there are the old reliables: Operation, Twister and Monopoly, among others. Then there is Cut the Wire, a game that asks children to defuse a toy bomb before ...

Here's Why a G-Spot Toy Could Take Your Oral Sex Game to the Next Level
When it comes to female orgasm, oral sex tends to be one of the easier ways to make it happen. Sure, not every vulva-owning person is going to be pro-oral, but for the vast majority, going down is the ...

2018 Global Online Toys and Games Retailing market detailed in new research report
Toy and games can be a source of entertainment for some, for others it is a hobby of collection. People mostly associate the use of toys and games with kids. Scope of the Global Online Toys and Games ...

Walmart, Target pull children’s game that had players defuse toy bomb
A kids’ game that asked children to defuse a plastic, pretend bomb had parents exploding with anger — and now two major retailers are pulling the controversial toy. The game, called “Cut the ...

The Post-Apocalyptic Abe Lincoln the Country Deserves, and More of the Best Axe-Wielding Toys of the Week
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‘Toy Story 3’, ‘Coco’ Director Lee Unkrich Is Leaving Pixar
Lee Unkrich, who first arrived at Pixar Animation Studios as they were making what would turn out to be a game-changing film called Toy Story, informed employees at Pixar on Friday that he would ...

Brybelly Pcs-2403Wc 500 Ct Walnut Set Custom Pack - Coin 8B6955
# Eb7F4516

Brybelly Pcs-2403Wc 500 Ct Walnut Set Custom Pack - Coin 8B6955

141 USD

These Coin Inlay poker chips are truly a vacation from the same old boring poker chips

The metal inlay display reads «Casino» at the top, and «Las Vegas» at the bottom

The sharp look of these unique chips is enough to set them apart from most, but the feel is what really puts them above and beyond the field

In the middle of the inlay is the denomination with the card suits on either side

The soft feel and great shuffle of these chips makes your home game feel a bit more like Las Vegas

These are clay composite poker chips. Each set comes with a beautiful walnut wooden case that includes a dealer button & 2 decks of cards

Each denomination has it’s own color

This metal inlay style of chip is still popular in many Las Vegas casinos today

The Walnut Wooden case comes with 5 removable chip trays that hold 100 chips each

Shiny brass locking mechanisms compliment the outside of the case, while the inside is lined with a soft green felt that protects your chips

Below the removable trays is a storage space that holds your cards, dealer buttons, money or any number of things you need to store with your poker set.

88 100