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Professional Household Facial Mechanical Wave Cusa Cosmetic Instrument Firming Tool Aac364
# B8307451

Professional Household Facial Mechanical Wave Cusa Cosmetic Instrument Firming Tool Aac364

147 USD

Features:This machine will release mechanical wave energy which can directly penetrate into the skin and deep SMAS facial skin tissue that can stimulate and renew skin's collagen and thus tighten the skin and remove wrinkles, successfully achieves a quite good result of skin tighening and face lifting without any help of invasive surgeries.Non-surgical treatment: no injection, no wound, no drugs, no anesthesia in the whole treatment process, without any affects to normal life and work.Elegant appearance, small and delicate, easy using and easy carring.There are 3 levels: 1.5mm level can reach the epidermis layer and corium layer of your skin, brighten your skin color and say goodbye to the dull complexion; 3.0mm level can reach the corium layer and the medium of subcutaneous layer, removing fine lines, lifting and compacting your skins; 4.5mm level can reach your SMAS fascia layer, wake up your skin, anti-aging and anti-wrinkle.And there are 9 energy levels (1J-9J), you can start from the lowest energy 1J, and adjust it according to your endurance intensity, different body part will have different intensity suggestion, which has been wrote on the guidelines.How many times you need to operate will according to the facial feeble and old degree of you.You can use this machine once a fortnight at the first three time

Six times, a course of treatment. You should pay attention to moisturizing and please drink more than eight cups of water, and take sunscreen measure

Please don't makeup on your face on the day after using this machine. No wasting, no need to change the machine head, you can use it until it was out of work. Please don't put this machine on your temple, bridge of the nose, philtrum, laryngeal prominence, eye socket and your eyelid. This product can stimulate the new born of collagen and made your skin smooth like a baby, if you wanna a babyface our product will be your best choice. Equiped with silica gel cover, health and hygiene. The head of EU plug is removable, if you don't want the head you can remove it and change the one you need.

You can use it once each month after the first three times

86 100