Body of DR Congo opposition leader to return home: family
Kinshasa (AFP) - The body of the opposition figurehead father of DR Congo's new president is to be repatriated to his home country two years after he died in Belgium, family members said on Tuesday. ...

Bail bondsmen illegally forced their way into home, family says
MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. - A Miami Gardens family is filing a civil lawsuit against a bail bonds company that, they say, illegally searched their home for a cousin wanted for skipping a court date. ...

Nalasopara woman found dead at home; Family suspects in-laws of torture
According to police, the body of Reshma Singh, a resident of Shripal Treasure Society in Nalasopara West was found by her brother- and sister-in-law when they returned home, from a trip to the market; ...

‘Send my baby home’: Family questions conviction that featured legally blind witness
Nakesha Harris held a framed portrait of her son Darien Harris outside Kim Foxx's office Monday. | John L. Alexander/For the Sun-Times Nakesha Harris stood on the street outside Cook County State ...

Gen Z prioritise home, family while Millennials want to see the world: study
Australia’s youngest group of adults, Gen Z, has forgone the dream of backpacking around the world, prioritising the security of buying their own home and starting a family, a new survey reveals. Gen ...

Ill. governor attends Quincy Veterans’ Home family picnic
QUINCY, Ill. (KFVS) - Illinois Governor JB Pritzker began Memorial Day weekend by joining the family picnic at the Quincy Veterans’ Home. This was the governor’s second tour of the home. He first ...

Fastcap Reg Best Fence System For Bosch Gravity Rise 4Aa8F7
# 4F4C23847

Fastcap Reg Best Fence System For Bosch Gravity Rise 4Aa8F7

450 USD

Interested in the Best Fence System, but already have a miter saw stand? No problem! The Best Fence System is available as an add-on for most of the popular brands of miter saw stands

Fences detach easily and can be safely transported with the included carrying bag

The optional Crown Molding Stop and Fence Backstop make cutting crown molding a breeze! The Accessory Bag holds the stops and other small accessories

The Best Fence System is also available for DeWalt miter saw stands and Kapex miter saws

You can easily attach your power strip to the stand with the Magnetic Power Strip Mount Accessory

The blocks have both coarse adjustments, to quickly move the fences into place, and fine adjustments to fine-tune the fences level and even with the miter saw table

The Best Fence System was designed from the ground up to give you shop level accuracy in the field

Features: Designed to mount onto Bosch Gravity Rise™ miter saw stand (not included) Modular system Fits any brand or model of miter saw Offers a precision stop systemOptional accessories available (sold separately): Additional 64″ fence section Custom length fence sections, from 1 foot to 12 feet in length (additional shipping may apply for fences 6 feet long or longer) Male-male connector for additional fences Upper Hand support for long fence lengths Crown molding stop Fence backstop Magnetic power strip mount (power strip not included) Accessory bag

Additional fences can be added to extend the capacity of the Best Fence System by using the optional Male-Male Connectors to attach additional sections, with Upper Hand supports as a base for the fence

This highly modular system is easy to set up, transport and allows you to dial in your saw for exact cuts every single time. Specially designed precision mounting blocks integrate with your existing Bosch Gravity Rise™ miter saw stand

Fence stops calibrate quickly and easily by setting the stop to zero and cutting the sacrificial block

86 100