Psychiatric Patient Suffocated to Death Underneath Staff Dogpile, Coroner Finds
A patient at a psychiatric hospital in South Carolina suffocated to death after staffers piled on top of him in direct violation of hospital protocol, according to a report from the state coroner's ...

Texas breast cancer patient breaks 'cancer-free bell' with enthusiastic ring
A Texas patient who finished her radiation treatment for breast cancer got to ring the hospital's "cancer-free" celebration bell Monday. But Darla Jaye was so excited, she broke the bell, KRIV ...

Seattle Sounders start 8-year-old cancer patient as goalie
July 18 (UPI) --The Seattle Sounders started cancer patient Bheem Goyal, 8, in goal before a game against Borussia Dortmund. Bheem made the opening save and cleared the ball out of the box for the ...

Half of All Patient Harms 'Preventable'
More than 1 in 20 patients will experience some kind of harm during their healthcare, of which half of all cases could be prevented, conclude UK researchers in a systematic review that highlighted ...

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