Prada latest luxury fashion house to go fur-free
MILAN (AP) — The Prada Group has become the latest luxury fashion house to go fur-free. Prada said Wednesday that it will no longer include animal fur in its designs and new products starting from the ...

Inside Berlin’s First 24-Hour Fashion Festival
This weekend, in an abandoned parking garage in the trendy Berlin neighborhood of Neukölln, hundreds of club kids, fashion types, and expressive eccentrics made their way through a fog- and ...

A medical diagnosis leads to an innovative fashion design
After Emily Levy had a PICC line inserted in a vein in her arm to treat the teenager's chronic neurological Lyme disease, her doctors told her to cover the catheter with the top of a tube sock. Levy, ...

Breaking Down Sustainable Fashion
Sustainability has become a mantra in the fashion industry, but what does it really mean? Leaders of two fast-growing startups explore the opportunities presented by recycling and reuse. Comparing ...

Now Is Your One Chance to See These Famous Fashion Photos Up Close—and Buy Them
The word legendary gets thrown around an awful lot, but when it comes to the 20 th-century fashion photographer Horst P. Horst, it’s an apt description. Starting in the 1930s, when color photography ...

Catwalk behind bars: When prisoners create fashion
A prison courtyard with bars instead of a roof became an impromptu catwalk as the models showed off colourful crochet tops adorned with dangly tassels. The proud designers and creators of the pieces ...

14K Gold 6Mm Heart Blue Topaz Pendant C44909
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14K Gold 6Mm Heart Blue Topaz Pendant C44909

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