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Asmodus Luna Squonker Box Mod Made In Collaboration With Ultroner Fc97Ea
# 810123243

Asmodus Luna Squonker Box Mod Made In Collaboration With Ultroner Fc97Ea

96 USD

The Luna Squonker Box Mod manufacturered by Asmodus in collaboration with Ultroner, is a single 18650 battery, unregulated squonk box mod that packs a punch while boasting a beautiful design

This mod will fire at your batteries full voltage up to maximum of 80.0 watts until the battery is below 3.3v).

Negative Polarity;the LED w

The Luna is NOT a REGULATED Mod (regulated mods allow the user to SET a wattage and the wattage will stay consistent till your battery is dead

The Luna, while being unregulated, features a chipset that operateds in Bypass mode only while still providing a suite of safety features including reverse polarity, overdrain, short circuit, and time out protections. The Asmodus Luna Squonker Vape Mod is the constructed in aluminium alloy and stabilized wood

*PLEASE NOTE: The Luna is an unregulated mod that has a plethora of protection features due to it’s chip

82 100