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Model T Ford Body Paint - Acrylic Lacquer - Channel 64Ff08
# 4Ccf12201

Model T Ford Body Paint - Acrylic Lacquer - Channel 64Ff08

800 USD

We do not have color chips of these paints

All paints are custom mixed by PPG Paint, and whether opened or not, are NOT returnable.

Experience reveals that 10 coats of color is the point of diminishing returns

Original color chips or formulas do not exist

Applying color to the largest type Model T can consume as much as six quarts of color before thinning.

They are, in the opinion of all those involved, as close as possible to the originals

No guarantee or warranty of authenticity is intended

Most experts agree that more than this amount of color leads to surface troubles

MAC’s and both of the Model T Ford clubs have selected these paints after many hours of research and examination of original bodies

81 100