Lari-Ann Beaucage, Meet a Member of Our Lincoln Home Family
Lari-Ann Beaucage with resident, Ruth McGowan Knowles. Photo: Kim Traina Lari-Ann Beaucage started working at the Lincoln Home in 1992 in the dining room. She studied to become a CNA, working with ...

'I want my father home': Family of man detained in Egypt calls on Canada to intervene
The family of an Egyptian-Canadian man detained in Egypt for almost two weeks has called on the "highest levels" of Canada's government to intervene, saying they fear for the safety of Yasser Ahmed ...

Love Controls 40T-20, Series 40T/40M Digital Temperature Switch 7C7Bc8
# 7F0E21581

Love Controls 40T-20, Series 40T/40M Digital Temperature Switch 7C7Bc8

60 USD

Love Controls, 40T-20, Series 40T/40M Digital Temperature Switch with RTD/TC Inputs, 230 VAC Supply Power 3-1/2 Digit Display, Programming Configuration Key The Series 40T/40M Digital Temperature Switches accept a variety of inputs to allow temperature measurements and set points up to 1999°F (1300°C)

Approvals UL-Controllers, Refrigeration-US

Observing the current status of the control is made easier with the 3−½ digit, multi-color LED display that has alarm, defrost and output symbols

For cooling applications, manual defrost mode can be initiated by pushing a single button

When programming multiple units, a programming key is available to reduce set up time

For added versatility, the temperature units can be field selected for °F or °C

A flashing alarm informs users when the current temperature exceeds preset limits

88 100