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Philips Blu-Ray 4X Bd-R 25Gb Disc White Inkjet Full Face 9D83E1
# Cd8396

Philips Blu-Ray 4X Bd-R 25Gb Disc White Inkjet Full Face 9D83E1

137 USD

Philips 25GB 4X BD-R Disc This Philips 25GB 4X BD-R Disc is the greatest advancement in optical media since the DVD

Thanks to the major advances in BD laser technology you can store up to 25GB on a single disc

25 GB storage = 5x DVDBlu-ray is the most advanced high capacity optical disc format ever

Protective disc-coating Philips Blu-ray discs have a cover layer of unrivalled toughness and uniformity protecting the discs vital recording layers

If you record at normal DVD quality you can store more than 5.5 hours of video

135 minutes of HD video To keep pace with the growing popularity of high-resolution video single-layer Blu-ray discs provide you with the storage capacity for up to 135 minutes of HD video

The layer is applied using a Philips-developed vacuum-bonding technology securing an u…

With five times their capacity you can record High Definition video on this Philips 25GB 4X BD-R Disc quickly and easily

That's five times more than existing (single layer) DVDs

90 100