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Dwyer Flst-R20X36, Duct Mounted Airflow Measurement Station 0F836A
# 48782322

Dwyer Flst-R20X36, Duct Mounted Airflow Measurement Station 0F836A

594 USD

FLST-R20X36 Series FLST Duct Mounted Airflow Measurement Station, Flow Station Size (Diameter or Height X Width) - 20" X 36" Rectangular Configurations Options IM - Internal Pressure Connections

Features Low signal-to-noise ratio

The Series FLST utilizes an airflow averaging element in a head-type device, generating a differential (velocity) pressure signal similar to the orifice, venturi, and other had producing primary elements

Standard airflow stations have good salt air resistance and are suitable for most HVAC applications

The Series FLST Airflow Measurement Station is easy to install — simply connect the tubing to the station fittings, then to a differential pressure manometer, gage, transmitter or switch

Standard airflow stations can be operated (in air) continuously in temperatures up to 350°F or intermittently in temperatures up to 400°F

Total pressure sensed by the upstream ports are continually averaged within the airflow element in an isolated chamber

Applications Sensing fan, blower, and air handler output

Multiple total and static pressure sensing ports along the length of the element

The static sensing ports are averaged in a second isolation chamber

±2% accuracy throughout velocity ranges of 100 fpm and over

Strategically located sensing ports continually sample the total and static pressures when inserted normal to flow

Determine duct flow rates in various zones in builiding.

Factory mounted and pre-piped in a flanged duct section (casing)

All airflow stations can be operated in humidity ranges of 0 to 100%

Multiple elements are joined together for connection to a differential measurement device (gage, transmitter, etc.) for flow measurement and indication purposes

Standard materials consist of a G90 galvanized casing and 6063-T5 anodized aluminum flow sensors, suitable for most HVAC applications

Standard construction includes galvanized casing and 6063-T5 anodized aluminum flow sensors

Single or multiple airflow elements are factory mounted and pre-piped in a casing designed for flanged connection to the duct work

90 100