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Fetish Fantasy Series 10 Chocolate Dream Vibrating Hollow Strap 801975
# 69F922443

Fetish Fantasy Series 10 Chocolate Dream Vibrating Hollow Strap 801975

54 USD

Height: 13.000Length: 5.500Diameter: 3.500Haven't you always wanted to hang with the big dawgs and feel more confident about your size? Your lover knows that size DOES matter and nobody can fulfill your fantasies and satisfy a partner like a Chocolate Dream stud can! Now you can have the length and girth you've always dreamt of and be all the man you can be with the Chocolate Dream Hollow Strap-on! Say goodbye to embarrassing midway letdowns and say hello to a satisfying smile from your lover

The comfortable elastic harness easily adjusts to fit most sizes while the 10 phthalate-free dong will hit the right spot every time.

90 100