12 Quotes That Will Make You Rethink Your Personal Finances
Many of us could use a little wake-up call now and then to help get us on track (or back on track) in regard to our finances. Some wake-up calls can come from friends or relatives, others can come fro...

For Trump, the Political Is the Personal
President Trump was several minutes into an extemporaneous speech on Monday when an offhand locution clarified an important reason the government shutdown persists: “I said I’ll build the wall and I’m ...

Gordon Hayward (personal reasons) out for Boston Celtics game vs. Atlanta Hawks
The Boston Celtics announced today that Gordon Hayward is not with the team and will miss the game against the Atlanta Hawks for personal reasons. They did not clarify what those reasons were, but Hay...

Neo-Nazi publisher ordered to turn over personal information
FILE- In this undated photo released by the Southern Poverty Law Center's Dan Chung, Tanya Gersh poses for a photo. Gersh, a Montana real estate agent, sued the founder of a neo-Nazi website Andrew An...

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