Outdoors: Commissions gaining ground for sportsmen
January has brought a late Christmas present for local sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts as the Pennsylvania Game Commission will be considering several land acquisitions at their first quarterly meet...

Phil of Duck Dynasty among celebs speaking at annual Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg
(Photo courtesy of NRA) With the primary hunting seasons over, and the major fishing seasons months away, many outdoors enthusiasts are shifting their focus to the indoor sports show season. By far th...

Outdoors: Vermont cat hunting
The soft, dry snow that fell sometime before midnight squeaked under the tires as we drove up the old dirt road that wandered up over Stannard Mountain. The Northeast Kingdom received some three inche...

Outdoor Column: Snow fun in Adirondack wonderland
This is the scene in the Central Adirondacks thanks to recent snowfalls. If you are looking for traditional outdoor snow sports, remember there is snow for winter sports in the Central Adirondacks. Th...

Penn State student editors deem sports, playing outdoors ‘hyper-masculine’ activities
Gillette’s new commercial for its razors has polarized the right side of the pundit spectrum, with some arguing it doesn’t attack masculinity and others arguing it treats masculinity itself as “abusiv...

Case Xx Boy Scouts Of America Antique Bone Trapper Stainless B3D5B3
# D49311911

Case Xx Boy Scouts Of America Antique Bone Trapper Stainless B3D5B3

65 USD

Beautiful CASE XX Trapper Antique Bone Handle the U.S.A

It is 4 1/8 inches long closed

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It comes with a Lifetime Warranty

This knife is presented with Boy Scouts Of America Presentation Box.

The handle is Rogers jigged Antique Bone with a Bronze Oval Boy Scouts Inlay shield

CASE XX 18 031, CA18031 TRAPPER ANTIQ BOY SCOUT 6254 SS Boy Scouts Of America It is new and never been used, sharpened or carried

The blade material is Tru-Sharp Surgical Stainless Steel etched with «Boy Scouts of America»

The bolsters are highly polished Nickel Silver

90 100