Andrew Toles has personal matter, doesn’t report to Los Angeles Dodgers
GLENDALE, Ariz. — Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Andrew Toles did not report to spring training camp on Monday’s voluntary full squad reporting day because of an unspecified personal matter. Manager D...

Does TikTok Allow Strangers to Access the Personal Information of Users Who Don’t Share Those Details?
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TSI Introduces SidePak AM520i Personal Aerosol Monitor
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Gov. Evers proposes legalizing medical marijuana, small quantities for personal use
Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers said Monday his budget proposal will include measures to legalize medical marijuana, decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana for personal use and align Wiscons...

‘Due to personal reasons’ meme enables questionable behavior
People on Twitter are airing it all out. Everyone engages in some sort of unhealthy behavior from time to time. Whether it’s getting drunk, overspending, or indulging in carbs, we all find ways to cur...

Extremeline Leather O-Ring Gag 1.75In. 0718C1
# Bb498161

Extremeline Leather O-Ring Gag 1.75In. 0718C1

63 USD

Leather O Ring GagThis gag has an opening that allows to wearer to speak in muffled tones

Objects can also be passed through the o ring hole without resistance

The Leather O Ring Gag comes with a black leather strap and a leather covered o ring.

81 100