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Brandtech 732124, Nano-Cap Bio-Cert Sterile Ultramicro Pipette Tip 5Df5Fd
# 9E8E4142

Brandtech 732124, Nano-Cap Bio-Cert Sterile Ultramicro Pipette Tip 5Df5Fd

124 USD

BrandTech, 732124, Nano-Cap BIO-CERT 46mm .5 - 20ul Sterile Ultramicro Pipette Tip (10 Refills x 96 Each) TipRefill: 10 Refils x 96 each All BRAND pipette tips are produced using the most advanced cleanroom techniques to ensure consistently high quality

Why is that? Originally, all 200μL pipette tips were coloyellow, and all 1,000μL tips were coloblue

Features Manufactuwithout lubricants Cadmium-free pigments Graduation for quick volume check All rack packed tips are free from DNA (<40fg), RNase (<8.6fg), ATP (<1fg) and endotoxins (<1fg)

BRAND tips, when purchased in racks are colorless to ensure no problems

The dark gray carrier plates indicate our special nano-cap™ ultramicro tips, and green indicates our 300μL tips

Later it was determined that some of the dyes used to color the tips could interfere with their work

BRAND tips, when purchased bulk are colofor easier identification, but are free of cadmium dyes, which was the most problematic

Autoclavable at 121°C (2bar), acc

DIN EN 285 Sometimes you will refer to «yellow» tips and «blue» tips in quotes

Boxes of ultramicro tips have colorless carrier plates.

The plates on which the tips are inserted are coloyellow, blue, dark gray or green for easy identification

People would refer to them by their colors, as it was easier than specifying the size

So colorless versions were developed of the tips, but often they were still called «yellow» or «blue» even though the tips were no longer colored

The tips are manufactuin an environmentally friendly manner using only high-purity polypropylene, free from oleamide and diHEMDA — additives which can interfere with biological tests

80 100