This Japanese Puzzle Has Many Moving Parts
While factory output rose just under 1% in April from the previous month, transport equipment shipments jumped sharply. Inventory isn’t piling up. Capital spending as a portion of sales has been ...

Bad News for Chip Equipment Firms Isn't Necessarily Bad News for All Chipmakers
But it's worth keeping in mind that the downgrade is a negative for two parts of the chip industry -- equipment makers and to some extent memory makers -- rather than the industry at-large. In his ...

Marshall ADG Using Stratasys FDM 3D Printing to Make Final Flight-Ready Parts
The company is also 3D printing final parts on the ground, such as a ducting adapter prototype for vital ground-running equipment that administers fresh air to help cool the avionics of the aircraft. ...

Range Surface Burner Knob Stainless Fb1796
# 5Ded16575

Range Surface Burner Knob Stainless Fb1796

55 USD

This surface burner knob (part number 808694401) is for ranges.Surface burner knob 808694401 lets you control the heat of the surface burner on the range.Remove the knob by pulling it straight off its post.

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