‘Cut the Wire,’ a Toy Bomb Game, Is Discontinued After Criticism
When it comes to feel-good, classic games there are the old reliables: Operation, Twister and Monopoly, among others. Then there is Cut the Wire, a game that asks children to defuse a toy bomb before ...

Walmart, Target pull children’s game that had players defuse toy bomb
A kids’ game that asked children to defuse a plastic, pretend bomb had parents exploding with anger — and now two major retailers are pulling the controversial toy. The game, called “Cut the ...

Maker of bomb-defusing kids' game apologizes, halts sales after complaints
Recommended for children ages six and up, the goal of the game is to defuse a brightly coloured ticking toy bomb connected to numerous wires before it pretend-explodes. "Defuse or lose!" says the prod...

'Cut the Wire’: Stores pull controversial game that has kids defuse toy bomb
At least two major retailers are pulling a controversial game that asks kids to defuse a toy bomb. The New York Post reports Target and Walmart announced this week that they have stopped selling “Cut ...

TWD: The Final Season’s Broken Toys’ Quietest Moments Are Also Its Most Powerful
Her ‘game’ is to go through the personnel files ... A trait that is certainly prominent in AJ, too. Throughout Broken Toys, we see AJ doing all kinds of child-like things.

Sean Payton let Saints keep their locker room toys
Before the playoffs started last year, Saints coach Sean Payton took away all his team’s toys. This year ... table tennis and video games in the locker room, after clearing them last season ...

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Trademark Commerce Tmc-10-1080-2002C 200 11.5G Suited Chips W/clear Cover Aluminum B3D4E0

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