Baffled police officers pull over ‘strangest vehicle’ before finding out it was perfectly legal
The strange automobile appeared to be a three wheeler as some people described it as a cross-over between a small boat and a plane cockpit. Officers said it was the most unusual vehicle they had ever ...

Fitech 400Hp Fuel Injection Basic Kit Satin Finish 892C38
# 216024673

Fitech 400Hp Fuel Injection Basic Kit Satin Finish 892C38

795 USD


  • Replaces Your Single 4 Barrel Carburetor With Precise Fuel Injection Technology
  • Works With Factory Or Aftermarket Single 4-Barrel Intake Manifolds & Air Cleaner Assemblies
  • Eliminates Hard Starting, Sputtering, Cold Start Warmups, Interior Fuel Smell 
  • Instant Starting & Throttle Response (Even After Long Term Storage), Improves Mileage, Superior All-Climate Drivability
  • Wet Flow Swirl Fuel Technology Improves Performance Over Other Designs
  • Self Tunes In Minutes With No Laptop Tuning Required
  • Voltage Fuel Pump Control Reduces Fuel Pump Heat & Extends Life
  • Uses Same Throttle & Transmission Linkage As 4150 Holley Carburetors
  • Idle Compensates For A/C (If Equipped) So No A/C Solenoid Is Required
  • GM Style Sensors Can Be Replaced Locally At Most Auto Parts Stores
  • Integrated OBD-II Style Diagnostics, Limp Home Mode Allows You To Drive Should A Sensor Fail  
  • NOTES:  Requires Separate Fuel System Purchase, NOT Included - See Fuel Command Center Under Related Items (All The Benefits Of An In-Tank Fuel Pump Without Modifying Your Fuel Tank!).  Pre-Drill

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