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6.5 In. Wall-Mount Bluetooth Speaker System In White 5B9765
# Bd13327

6.5 In. Wall-Mount Bluetooth Speaker System In White 5B9765

143 USD

Includes one active speaker, one passive speaker, built-in digital amp, 12V DC power adapter and 16 ft

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Waterproof (IP44)

Stain-resistant and rustproof grilles

Warranty: One year

Speaker: 7.5 in

long-throw woofers

Imp: 8ohm

Two-way full-range stereo sound

Freq resp: 80Hz — 20kHz

polymer dome tweeters

speaker connection cable

Built-in bluetooth streaming


6.5 in

Heavy-duty cabinet enclosure

D x 12.1 in

1 in

W x 8.4 in

30W RMS x 2

88 100