RS Daily News: Ariana Grande Tour Opener; Cardi B’s Movie Role; Woodstock 50 Lineup
In our daily news show, Rolling Stone’s Brittany Spanos checks in on a few of the headlines everyone is discussing. For today’s episode, watch the video to get a quick take on: Tune in each day for a ...

Political Cartoon: Philly’s daily murder shrug
If Philadelphia gunpersons (OK, gunmen, since they are overwhelmingly guys) would coordinate efforts and do their dirty work on the same day, Philadelphia’s horrific homicide rate might get a little ...

Smoking strong pot daily raises psychosis risk, study finds
LONDON — Smoking high-potency marijuana every day could increase the chances of developing psychosis by nearly five times, according to the biggest-ever study to examine the impact of pot on psychotic ...

Krown Ka1000 Dual Vibrating Alarm Clock, Dimensions 5-1/2 W 72C2A2
# E5B619222

Krown Ka1000 Dual Vibrating Alarm Clock, Dimensions 5-1/2 W 72C2A2

200 USD

Krown KA1000 Dual Vibrating Alarm Clock with dual alarms is a multi-function wireless monitoring system with alarm clock and signaling features designed for people who are deaf or hard of hearing

Dual Alarm Clock with Wireless Alarm Monitoring Receiver for home or office, that allows notifications to be received for a variety of everyday alerts

The KA1000 base unit has a built-in clock, lamp outlet, telephone jack, bed shaker and ability to connect additional wireless transmitters.

99 100