1 month after Carlos Hall was found killed in his home, family wants closure
DETROIT (FOX 2) - The family of Carlos Hall wants closure a month after his murder. "They miss him, I miss him, we all miss him," said Gwendolyn Jones. "He was a good man and didn't deserve this." ...

‘God does take the good ones home’: Family holding celebration of life for St. Louis woman killed in Alaska plane crash
ST. LOUIS (KMOV.com) -- Family and friends of a St. Louis woman killed in a plane crash in Alaska will say goodbye Wednesday. Cassandra Webb was one of six people killed when two sightseeing planes ...

Lightning Strike Destroys Guthrie Home; Family Had Just Moved To Oklahoma
A family who had just moved to Oklahoma lost their home in Guthrie Friday morning due to a lightning strike, which caused a fire. News 9's Alex Cameron has the details. Keep up-to-date with everything ...

Sartorius H2O-Ro-1-B, Arium Advance Ro Osmosis System E033Db
# C6E118890

Sartorius H2O-Ro-1-B, Arium Advance Ro Osmosis System E033Db

5 131 USD

Sartorius, H2O-RO-1-B, Arium Advance RO Wall Mounted Reverse Osmosis System Applications: Purification of feed water used to supply ultrapure water systems Rinsing glassware and laboratory vessels Purification of feed water for various laboratory instruments, such as humidifiers, autoclaves and glassware dishwashers The arium advance RO system provides Type 3 reverse osmosis water of the highest quality

Pure water produced by arium advance RO is stored in the unique, closed arium bagtank system, which reliably protects your purified water from secondary contamination

Featuring a choice of constant flow rates of 8, 16 and 24 l/h and automatic RO membrane backflushing with purified water, the arium advance RO is the optimal choice for your daily laboratory applications

This ensures that you consistently obtain the best water quality and, therefore, reproducible results.

Unlike conventional water purification systems, this arium system is designed with you and your busy-day schedule in mind: its unique, touch-function display, along with intuitive menu navigation, takes out the guesswork and puts in total ease of operation

80 100