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Poly Bubble Mailer-4 X 8 227049
# D32D1442

Poly Bubble Mailer-4 X 8 227049

83 USD

No matter if the package is small, large, firm, or fragile, our white Poly Bubble Mailers are equipped to handle the delivery task! Moisture resistant and tear proof, its securely insulated bubble cushioning enhances protection against the daily shipping process in which goods can be tossed around and handled quite aggressively

Ideal for electronics, glassware, kitchenware, jewelry, DVD’s and books; online retailers will indeed save money by decreasing the need of shipping articles in boxes

Flawless, supreme and cost efficient, you will find multiple sizes on our website that will provide you the essential options you need for shipping products

Negates dust and dirt damage.
Approved by UPS, FedEx, and USPS.
Eco-Friendly and recyclable material.
Color: Grey/White—conceals packages from visibility.
Ideal for fragile/non-fragile small size shipments.
High adhesive seal strip—packages are tightly secured.
Plain exterior—ideal for logo/brand printing and marketing.
Provides excellent protection during shipments— puncture resistant and tamper/water proof.
Economical shipping method—substantially less expensive than using corrugated boxes and mailing tubes.
Exterior protection— made from premium polyethylene—which enables easy label, stamp and ink application.
Interior protection—lined with premium bubble cushioning to absorb shock, falls and mishandling during transit.

87 100