Quantum computing is coming: Here’s why Seattle needs to get our computer science workforce ready
University of Washington graduate students Katherine McAlpine and Daniel Gochnauer work in the Ultracold Atoms Group’s lab to study ultracold atoms and quantum gases. (UW Photo / Dennis Wise) Editor’s ...

2019 March Madness: Villanova vs. Purdue odds, picks, predictions from computer simulation on 11-5 roll
The defending national champion Villanova Wildcats face the battle-tested Purdue Boilermakers in a 2019 NCAA Tournament second-round game on Saturday night at 8:40 p.m. ET. Both hard-nosed clubs come ...

DNA Computer Shows Programmable Chemical Machines Are Possible
Gif: Erik Winfree/Caltech The DNA computer works by layers of DNA logic gates attaching to a DNA origami seed (grey). Adapter strands [red] attach at specific locations on the seed, encoding the 6 ...

The U.S. Will Get the World's First Exascale Computer in 2021
For the past several years, the world's power have been locked in a supercomputing arms race, one-upping one another with biggest and faster achievements. According to a new announcement, the world’s ...

Officials: Teens hack school computer system, attempt to change grades
Officials say several high school students in Union County hacked into their schools' computer systems to try and change their grades. Parents were notified Wednesday about the data breach in the ...

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