Will Americans pay companies to protect their personal data? Here’s their answer
Americans want more control over their personal data — as long as it doesn’t come with a price tag. The vast majority of Americans (80%) would like online services to collect less of their data, but o...

Tim Cook calls on FTC to let consumers track and delete their personal data
Apple CEO Tim Cook has called on the US government to introduce new tools to help users control the online data collected about their lives. Writing in an op-ed for Time magazine, Cook said consumers ...

City: Employees' personal info incorrectly posted on site
KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Personal information of some 1,470 city of Knoxville employees was incorrectly posted on a procurement website, prompting the city to take steps to protect against potential theft i...

Round Table Pizza® Will Invite Customers to Enjoy a Free Original Personal Pizza if Queen Elizabeth II Eats Pizza in 2019
CONCORD, Calif., Jan. 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- News from earlier this week that Queen Elizabeth II may have never eaten a slice of pizza has left many stunned and confused. How could it be that the mo...

Tim Cook wants a law to let consumers delete their personal data
TIM COOK HAS put the privacy cat amongst the data-broking pigeons with an op-ed for Time Magazine in which he calls on the American government to bring in new tools to let consumers "delete their data ...

Personal column: FFA has changed our lives
There is something sweet and comforting in the bleats of 130 lambs in the morning. The smell of lanolin and pine shavings, the crisp air carrying each breath away, and young people scurrying to do las...

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