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Poly Bubble Mailer - 4 X 8 4A1805
# D2054314

Poly Bubble Mailer - 4 X 8 4A1805

226 USD

No matter if the package is small, large, firm, or fragile, our white Poly Bubble Mailers are equipped to handle the delivery task! Moisture resistant and tear proof, its securely insulated bubble cushioning enhances protection against the daily shipping process in which goods can be tossed around and handled quite aggressively

With the multiplicity of online packaging companies in the market, unfortunately companies exchange honesty and customer satisfaction for quick profit gains, no matter how bad it affects the buyer

Flawless, supreme and cost efficient, you will find multiple sizes on our website that will provide you the essential options you need for shipping products. If your desire is to upgrade your shipping techniques we’ll Poly Bubble Mailers is the source for your success

So when it comes to upgrading your shipping/mailing procedures, allow us to be your number one source for premium Poly Bubble Mailers simply because we guarantee you’ll experience savings all across the board.

With the expansion of this product, companies like ours has made available in this product, various mil thickness options that range from as low as 2.0 mil-3.0 mil. The confidence that we create in our customers is the assurance that they won’t receive a 2.0 mil mailer in place of a 3.0 mil mailer as an unethical method to save money

Ideal for electronics, glassware, kitchenware, jewelry, DVD’s and books; online retailers will indeed save money by decreasing the need of shipping articles in boxes

Able to safeguard your shipments from weather hazards, dust, dirt and moisture, Poly Bubble Mailers are designed from polyethylenematerials which equip them to be reliable amidst some of the most torrential conditions

Like all of our mailers, Poly Bubble Mailers are sold without our logo so that you as the customer can have the blank option to print your brand name and use these bags as a promotional tool for your company

We stand by our ethics of high performance, friendly dependable service and fast order delivery

As a long time distributor of Poly Bubble Mailers, we at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com are fully knowledgeable of the results that these mailers have produced for so many companies and individuals alike

Poly Bubble Mailers are great for shopping solid, non-fragile products such as books, plastic ware and clothing articles

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