Symposium welcomes artists, public to explore feminist performance
“Feminist Directions: Performance, Power and Leadership” is presented by the Department of Performing and Media Arts at Cornell. Co-sponsors include: the Departments of Anthropology, English, and the ...

PMA Symposium Discusses the Impact of Feminist Art and Performance
The symposium, titled ‘“Feminist Directions: Performance, Power, and Leadership” was organized by graduate students Jayme Kilburn and Kelly Richmond, both in the performing and media arts ...

Net art turns the internet into a space of performance
The show brings net art out of the tubes of the ... art that focuses on techniques in a new digital media: “net” implies that the art is a performance that investigates how people relate ...

Blue Cross Tea By Retrolabel Cf7E9C
# 6Ba924422

Blue Cross Tea By Retrolabel Cf7E9C

106 USD

This hand crafted stretched canvas, is a museum quality reproduction of the original work

D (4 lbs)

Size: Medium

Artist: Retrolabel

W x 1.5 in

Title: Blue Cross Tea

Dimensions: 20.1 in

Shipped to you finished and ready-to-hang

H x 30 in

Format: Horizontal

84 100