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Dasmikro Customized 8Ch Firmware Psx0.6.1 Flysky Gt3C Transmitter Dfd659
# 8Ea08715

Dasmikro Customized 8Ch Firmware Psx0.6.1 Flysky Gt3C Transmitter Dfd659

71 USD

Description: This is a FLYSKY GT3C RC transmitter stock hardware with customized PSX0.6.1 firmware

Programmed with customized PSX0.6.1 firmware Steering and throttle potentiometer was calibrated Battery voltage was calibrated Test model M00 was set to 4CH, CH3. TRIM control CH3 CH3 Button controls CH4 PSX0.6.1 Firmware Information: The 0.6.1 Firmware for the Flysky GT3B and Flysky GT3C is an open source firmware written by psx

Timers 5. Adjustable Inactivity and Low Voltage Alarms 6. Dual ESC Mixing for MOA Crawlers, Tanks, Boats, Robots…

The original intent of the firmware was to fix the bugs the stock firmware has, an example of a bug is the exponential function doesn’t function like the traditional expo setting on other transmitters

Channel Turn and Return Speed Weight: 303g Color: random send RC Parts & Accs: Transmitters Specifications: Channels: 3 Channels Model type: car/boat RF range: 2.40−2.48GHz Bandwidth: 500KHz Band: 160 RF power: less than 20DB 2.4G system: AFHDS Code type: GFSK Sensitivity: 1024 Low voltage warning: yes (less than 3.5V) DSC port: yes (USB; output: PPM) ST range: 90 TH range: 45(F:30, B:15) Charger port: yes ANT length: 26 mm Power: 3.7V (800mAh) Weight: 303g Size: 157*116*258mm Certificate: CE0678, FCC Package Included: 1 x Flysky FS-GT3C Transmitter

This firmware has been through numerous revisions

Over time the firmware was completely rewritten to add functionality well beyond what is traditionally offered in any budget radio

7.4WS Mixing for RC vehicles that have front and rear axle steering 8

It could bind with FLYSKY 3CH, 6CH and 8CH receivers

Some of these additional features are: 1.2−8 Channels 2.60 Model Memory 3. Key Mapping (Assign ANY key to operate ANY function) 4

95 100