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Hpe Sf100 San Storage System - 21 X Hdd Installed 7Cac79
# Bbfa16246

Hpe Sf100 San Storage System - 21 X Hdd Installed 7Cac79

271 158 USD

The Nimble Secondary Flash Array represents a new type of data storage optimized for both Capacity and Performance

The Nimble Secondary Flash Array is optimized for backup, disaster recovery and secondary data storage

Instantly backup and recover data from any primary storage system

With our integration with leading backup software, it simplifies data lifecycle management and provides a path to cloud archiving.

By using Flash, it lets you put your backup data to work for Dev/Test, QA and analytics

It adds high performance flash storage to a capacity-optimized storage architecture for a unique backup platform that lets you put your backup data to work

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