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Hot Wheels ID are the new NFC-equipped Nintendo Amiibo of toy cars
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Toys and games for on the go
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Mattel Mw7172-999E Batman The Dark Knight Rises - Movie Masters 2Ddb78
# 5De36431

Mattel Mw7172-999E Batman The Dark Knight Rises - Movie Masters 2Ddb78

128 USD

This assortment is all about the collector! These 6” Movie Masters figures are designed with authentic detail and supreme quality

Every figure comes with a piece to collect, pieces that can be assembled into a Bat-Signal! Not only does the Bat-Signal light up, but it also projects on the wall! Features:This Assortment is set to include3x Batman.1x Catwoman1x Ra’s Al Ghul.1x Bane.

92 100