Bad News for Chip Equipment Firms Isn't Necessarily Bad News for All Chipmakers
But it's worth keeping in mind that the downgrade is a negative for two parts of the chip industry -- equipment makers and to some extent memory makers -- rather than the industry at-large. In his ...

A wave of deadly vehicle rollovers is causing concern about the military's equipment and training
A series of accidents over the past month have led to the deaths of at least five and injuries to 43 American troops, triggering questions over whether equipment and training ... and even newer ones ...

Marshall ADG Using Stratasys FDM 3D Printing to Make Final Flight-Ready Parts
The company is also 3D printing final parts on the ground, such as a ducting adapter prototype for vital ground-running equipment that administers fresh air to help cool the avionics of the aircraft. ...

Refrigerator Door Handle White 4D4C89
# 74D31856

Refrigerator Door Handle White 4D4C89

61 USD

This door handle (part number 218779809) is for refrigerators.Follow the instructions in the owner's manual or installation manual when installing door handle 218779809.Wear work gloves to protect your hands when installing this part.

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