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Black Box Lgc5844C-R3 Transceiver/media Converter - 1 X Network 4Dc8D8
# 276914003

Black Box Lgc5844C-R3 Transceiver/media Converter - 1 X Network 4Dc8D8

598 USD

Further Details Single-strand transmission uses less fiber

Bridging the gap between two different Ethernet types, the media converter is totally transparent to network operation, having no effect on the data being sent across the link

LinkLoss enables you to troubleshoot network problems just by looking at the media converter’s Link LED-the link status of the fiber segment will always be reflected by the twisted-pair segment so you’re informed quickly of fiber problems.

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WDM technology transmits two signals simultaneously at different wavelengths on the same fiber

The High-Density Media Converter System II Gigabit Module, 1000BASE-TX to 1000BASE-SSLX Single-Strand featured here enables you to send Gigabit Ethernet as far as 15 kilometers (9.3 mi.) over a single fiber strand-truly the best performance you can get from your fiber infrastructure

This bidirectional traffic flow effectively converts a single fiber into a pair of «virtual fibers,» each driven independently at different wavelengths

What’s more, the module is hot-swappable-you never need to power down a chassis to change a module

The other unit transmits at 1550 nm and receives at 1310 nm

The modular media converter for the High-Density Media Converter System II converts the incoming electrical signal from one cable type and then transmits it over another type

The two wavelengths operate independently and don’t interfere with each other

It does this by compressing the transmit and receive wavelengths into the single strand, with the conversion done with Wave-Division Multiplexing (WDM) technology

This Layer 1 module for the High-Density Media Converter System II belongs to a large family of modular media converter and communications options for your managed enterprise network

With many modules to choose from, this system can adapt to even the most demanding network configurations

One unit transmits at 1310 nm and receives at 1550 nm

The module also has a LinkLoss™ feature, which notifies you of «silent failures» on copper-to-fiber links

These modules must be used in matched pairs

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