Russian Planes Continue to Deliver S-400 Parts to Turkey
Russian Planes Continue to Deliver S-400 Parts to Turkey A Russian transport aircraft, carrying military vehicles and equipment, parts of the S-400 air defense systems, is seen at Murted military ...

Forty-Niners’ Equipment
Then, after a long, busy week, we would put our feet up and solve a smooth, straightforward crossword to boost our self-confidence and let us know that, despite what might be going on in other parts ...

Internet service to be available in rural parts of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois through Microsoft-Watch Communications partnership
discounted TV white space equipment).” The partnership is part of the Microsoft Airband Initiative, which aims to offer broadband access to 3 million people in rural areas in the next three years. At ...

Rare sea turtles smash nesting records in parts of Southeast
Threatened sea turtles have broken nesting records this summer on beaches in the Southeast. According to The Associated Press, scientists are crediting the giant loggerhead sea turtle egg-laying boom ...

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