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Mtg - Refa 4 Carat Microcurrent Massage Roller 1 Pc C13B64
# 84284681

Mtg - Refa 4 Carat Microcurrent Massage Roller 1 Pc C13B64

476 USD

Brand from Japan: MTG

Drainage is a representation of the movement of estheticians, It does not express the efficacy of the effect on the human body

It can also be used in two directions vertically and horizontally depending on skin condition and part

Quattro Drainage Roller: Arrange the four special shaped rollers at exquisite balance intervals

Adjust the angle and strength to hit the roller

Swing Technique: Move hands to scoop up

Waterproof Structure: Waterproof structure which cleared JIS standard (equivalent to IPX 7)

You can use it even in the bathtub

How to use: Straight Technique: By rolling the four rollers against your skin and moving it straight, throw it continuously

Rolling the inside and the back of the thigh, rolling the calf from the ankle to the back of the knee

Platinum Court: It is touching delicate skin, adopt platinum coat on the surface of the roller

Hip care

It creates multiple pressurized spots with one rolling and continuously tightens the skin

Reproduced the movement to pinch continuously continuously without releasing the skin

A beautiful sparkle lasts long

It made it possible to pinch the skin continuously

As your skin becomes a part that is easily pinched by the roller

Tighten your skin with four rollers to draw beauty (With special pouch)

With double-up kneading, pull on loose skin, widely, deeply, tighten

Leg care

Double up kneading where the four rollers gently pinch it

Waist care

Face care

Microcurrent: Even aesthetic is very popular microcurrent

Face line care

Waist: roll along the waistline

Pull the skin more efficiently

ReFa takes light from the solar panel and generates weak current microcurrent

Neck care

Decollete care

It is recommended for those who want to squeeze moisture more deeply

As your skin becomes a part that is easily pinched by the roller, adjust the angle and strength to apply.

Guide book, private pouch, with clean cross

Double Impact Structure: By setting finely the incident angle of each roller arranged in the front and rear

ReFa 4 Carat reproduces flowing aesthetician’s hand technique

92 100