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2019 Food and Beverage Industry Outlook
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Savinelli Churchwarden 601 Pipe Fb7107
# 0C3E17364

Savinelli Churchwarden 601 Pipe Fb7107

100 USD

Rigorously hand-crafted, Savinelli Pipes are high quality, carefully created pipes

The results are pipes which, while not exactly the acme of on-the-go portability, excel in providing a deliciously cool smoke during the times when it will be appreciated the most: our treasured periods of leisure.

Started in 1876 by Achille Savinelli Sr., Savinelli pipes have been receiving praise for years for their 100,000 pipes per year

With different finishes, lines and shapes, there is a pipe for everyone. The Churchwarden series, as its name suggests, offers a variety of classic Savinelli stummel designs, paired up to extra-long Churchwarden stems

87 100