Uber reportedly wants to acquire Seattle computer vision startup Mighty AI to bolster self-driving tech
Uber is reportedly eyeing Seattle startup Mighty AI as an acquisition target. Mighty AI CEO Daryn Nakhuda. (Mighty AI Photo) Three anonymous sources tell The Information that Uber held “recent talks” ...

Kano unveils its first build-it-yourself Windows 10 computer
Kano is graduating from Raspberry Pi boards. Today, the company is announcing a partnership with Microsoft and unveiling its first build-it-yourself computer that officially runs Windows 10. The aptly ...

Ediacaran dinner party featured plenty to eat, adequate sanitation, computer model shows
Earth's first dinner party wasn't impressive, just a bunch of soft-bodied Ediacaran organisms sunk into sediment on the ocean floor, sharing in scraps of organic matter suspended in the water ...

A computer model explains how to make perfectly smooth crepes
Perfect crepe-making is all in the wrist, according to physics. Using a computer simulation, two fluid dynamics researchers have devised a step-by-step guide for preparing perfectly flat crepes. Their ...

Tiny LED could light up a computer that fits on a speck of dust
Computers the size of dust particles could be fabricated thanks to newly developed light sources, which achieve high efficiency at low power. Networks of minuscule computers, although potentially ...

The Razer Core X is the best eGPU out there — but if you need an eGPU in the first place, you probably bought the wrong computer
The Razer Core X is the best eGPU you can buy. It has everything you want out of an eGPU: It's affordable, compact, and quiet. It can handle graphics cards from NVIDIA or AMD, and it can work on ...

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250 Custom Twist Usb Flash Drive - 16Gb Pink 700632

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